Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Kid-Friendly Comics, 2/24/10

Since new comics are released every Wednesday here in the States, I thought I'd organize a list of the kid-friendly comics available this week.  I've included links to previews (courtesy of Comic Book Resources) where available.  As always, thanks to iFanboy for the list of new releases.

If you're interested in having students do a cultural study of comics over time, or maybe even how the pop culture of specific time periods has changed, check out the newest Batman Chronicles (Vol. 9).  This series reprints every Batman story in exact chronological order.  I've been reading and writing about the Superman version of this book over at my other blog and have found it to be fascinatingly campy.

Also, don't forget to click on the links of the Collected Editions to purchase these titles at the Amazon store at huge discounts!

Single Issues:   
Collected Editions:

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