Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Kid-Friendly Comics, 12/9/09

Since new comics are released every Wednesday here in the States, I thought I'd organize a list of the kid-friendly comics available this week.  I've included links to previews where available.  Thanks to iFanboy for the list of new releases, and to Comic Book Resources for the previews. 

I know that I'll be grabbing the DC Universe Holiday Special -- they're pretty darn good every year, and have some heartwarming (if schmaltzy) stories about heroism that would be great to use in the classroom.   

This week, a reprint of JLA: Year One would be a nice pickup for students who want to get to know the whole DC universe.  Pick it up at my Amazon store, where almost all of the collected editions are discounted, some up to 30 percent!

Single Issues:  
Collected Editions: 
  • Amazing Spider-Man: Red-Headed Stranger Premiere Hardcover ($19.99)
  • JLA: Year One Trade Paperback ($19.99)
  • Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol. 11: Thwip Digest Trade Paperback ($9.99)
  • Runaways: Good Die Young Trade Paperback ($16.99)

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