Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Kid-Friendly Comics, 7/8/09

Since new comics are released every Wednesday here in the States, I thought I'd organize a list of the kid-friendly comics available this week. Check out the hyperlinks to find previews of the comics if they are available. Thanks to Comic Book Resources for the majority of the previews!

One particularly exciting new release: DC Comics' Wednesday Comics. It's printed in traditional newspaper format (20" by 28"!) in full color, and features 15 one-page stories featuring such DC favorites as Batman, Superman, Flash, and Wonder Woman (among many others). Some of comics' best writers and artists (Neil Gaiman, Paul Pope, Amanda Conner, Mike Allred) contribute to this collection, which DC plans on publishing for the next 12 weeks. What a great way to get new readers into their local comics shops! I've already read a couple of the stories, and really look forward to getting this issue in the hands of my students this fall.

Also, I highly recommend picking up (if you haven't already) the one-volume edition of Jeff Smith's Bone. For the money, there's no better way to read this entire epic in its original black-and-white glory.


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