Thursday, July 9, 2009

Comic Shop Locator -- Now for iPhone and iPod Touch

Yesterday I blogged about one of Diamond Comic Distributors resource for teachers and librarians, Diamond Bookshelf. Diamond also offers a great service through Comic Shop Locator, which they've recently unveiled as an iPhone & iPod Touch application. While I'm waiting for my iPod Touches to be delivered (I recently won a grant for 15 of these nifty devices for my classroom), I've found the web version of the Comic Shop Locator to be invaluable, especially considering how often I've moved over the past three years. Also, it's been my experience that many (most?) students have no idea where to pick up comics; this service is the answer. And with more and mores students owning their own iPhones and iPod Touches, this app. could be really useful. Let's just hope they don't use it while they're driving!

Here's the link to the iPhone/iPod Touch app.:
Comic Shop Locator Service

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