Sunday, June 7, 2009

Survey: Single-Issue Comics or Collections

I recently added a survey to my course Moodle page asking students about their comics reading preferences. With half of my students' votes in, it seems to be neck and neck. Here are the results so far:

"I like reading comics in single issues (around 22 pages)"
-- 16 students

"I like reading comics as a whole story of 6-12 issues or more."
-- 18 students

Not answered yet
-- 34 students

I love the opportunity that Moodle's survey tool gives me to check the pulse of my students without putting them on the spot by having them raise their hands in class. This tool is particularly useful right now, as I'm deciding whether I should use my classroom budget to order single-issue subscriptions from Discount Comic Book Service or to buy collected editions or stand-alone books like these from Amazon.

I hope to be updating soon once all students have voted.

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