Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Kid-Friendly Comic Discovery -- Beanworld

I was quite happy to run across an issue of Larry Marder's Beanworld at Chicago Comics this weekend. I had heard this title discussed on the Around Comics podcast, but hadn't checked it out for myself.

In short, Beanworld is, indeed, "A most peculiar comic book experience." Beans talking in half-English/half-nonsense, magicians, bean-battles, various planes of existence; this book's got them all.

I found this issue to be absolutely enthralling; truly nothing like I've ever read. There are no objectionable images/ideas that would scare away younger readers, and though the art is deceivingly simple, I found it to be quite an entertaining read.

There is a collection available right now(Beanworld Book 1: Wahoolazuma!), which I'll be picking up myself very soon.

Higly recommended.

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