Saturday, April 25, 2009

Resources -- Writing a Comics Script

Below are the resources I adapted for my students to use in the creation of their Comic Life project entitled "A Day in the Life of a Lincoln Junior High Student".

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  • The DC Guide to Writing Comics by Dennis O' Neil provides excellent guidance in scripting, breaking down the 22-page format of a typical comics story as a three-act story structure. Written so that even a comics novice could understand it, this book was absolutely invaluable to my students.
  • Writing Comics with Peter David by Peter David. Apparently this book is going back to press (adding "and Graphic Novels" to the title), but I used the original text. I particularly liked the sections on submitting a script to a publisher, which was helpful to my students when they began scripting.
  • Robert Kirkman, C.O.O. of Image Comics and writer of the great (and student-friendly) ongoing series Invincible, granted me permission to use copy pages of his Invincible Script Book #1 for use in my classroom. Unfortunately, it's tough to find this book anymore.
  • The Comic Book Scripts Archive, which provides over 100 scripts from some of the best writers in the business. Titles such as Ultimate Spider-Man #112, Spider-Girl #41, and Teen Titans #34 would all be appropriate for the junior high or high school classroom. This is a free resource!
  • Wally Wood's 22 Panels that Always Work really simplifies how to organize your writing to be translated into the visual medium. This is also a free resource!
  • Finally, though I didn't use it this year, I'll definitely be using Jessica Abel and Matt Madden's excellent Drawing Words and Writing Pictures in the future.
Of course, I only used these resources because I wanted to give my student authentic guidelines for their writing. Obviously, using the RAFT procedure, one could change the structure of the students' stories to fit curricular needs.

Soon, I'll publish the resources I used to introduce comics and sequential art in general.
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